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The Magical Nature of Optimization Programming
Declarative Programming Simplex Problem Object
Optimization programming is an extremely declarative paradigm which is beyond fantastic and also exactly why many newcomers get into trouble.
The Five Parts of an Optimization Model
Model-Data Separation Constraints Objectives
An unpacking of the five major components of an optimization model: SETS, parameters, Variables, Objective and Constraints.
The Optimization Toolchain
Practical Optimization Theory
Dev Creature Comforts
Code & Text Editors Git GraphXR
Extolling the value of tools like Git, fast code/text editors, exploratory data analysis (EDA) tools like GraphXR, whiteboarding tools like Whimsical, containerization, model/data separation and friendly syntax and naming conventions.
Building the LEGO® Opt App!
This app finds multiple LEGO sets buildable concurrently from a user’s parts. Fast solutions come from the (great!) open source HiGHS solver, use of flat-file data imports, shrinking sets before solving, tweaking constraints, and more.
Speeding Opt Apps
Speed Summary Memory Efficiency
A methodical walk across the optimization toolchain and down through the underlying stack/OS in search of performance bottlenecks and their remedies.
Predictions: Opt Tools, Skills and Apps beyond 2024
Predictions Solvers Modeling Tools
My perspective on the markets for optimization products, services and skills in 2024 and beyond. I address developers, students, tool buyers and vendors in light of the current AI explosion.
Optimization ❤️ AI
AI-Assisted Coding Predictions Problem Hardness
A show-and-tell discussion of generative AI’s current value in writing optimization models, data integrations, tests, UIs. Also some discussion about readability of natural vs AML language for humans.
Thank you to...
Gratitude Community Love
Thanks to the folks without whom this would not happen: Seth Godin, Steve Walters, The Black Crowes, Martha Wells and Murderbot, Techno Tim, Christian Lempa, Veronica Explains, Lawrence Systems, Jeff Delaney and, Nuno Coração and Blowfish, the Rebrickable Team, Rebecca and you.
Hey, Community!
Community Love
A call to the optimization community to build valuable resources together: models and integrations, open source solvers, a pro-bono project marketplace, tool-agnostic discussion forum(s).