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Major Component Overview
Modeling Tools Solvers Data Sources
An overview of the modern optimization toolchain typically deployed in commercial applications: data sources, glue languages, modeling langs/tools, solvers and optional user interfaces.
Model + Solver
Algebraic Modeling Languages Solvers Speed AMPL PYOMO GAMS CPLEX Gurobi HiGHS
A close look at large-scale optimization modeling tools and languages, and linear and nonlinear solvers.
Data Sources
Data Sources DataFrames Flat Files
Discussing common data sources for optimization models and their various means of connection to the model.
User Interfaces
UI Flat Files Streamlit
A look at practical as well as fancy means by which humans can interact with optimization models during development and in production.
'Glue' Languages
General Languages Python App Logic
Discussing the use and interchangeability of general languages which ‘glue’ optimization application components together and implement out-of-model app logic.