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Use Case

The Problem Description
Problem Description Use Case Objectives AMPL HiGHS
SERIES INTRO! # This is the first of eighteen videos over which we build an app for the awesome Rebrickable® community, which finds multiple LEGO® sets buildable concurrently from a user’s part inventory.
Mistakes, lies & abandoned features
Problem Description Use Case Mistakes Speed App Build Plan
I reveal some undisclosed turns taken during my initial development of this app. Notably: an abandoned attempt to implement a recursive search for nested sets within sets that would potentially have enabled some cool additional features, and which I might return to later.
The Myth of the Objective
Serendipity Objectives Use Case
An invitation to consider the application of mathematical optimization in light of the view expressed by Kenneth O. Stanley and Joel Lehman in their book ‘Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned’ (2015). I posit that a richness of possible solutions can in many use cases be more valuable than a closer-to-optimum objective value.